Mobile Apps and Websites Mobile and tablet traffic now accounts for almost 60% of all online traffic

We can build Mobile Specific Sites or Applications to suit your requirements,

Mobile Apps and Websites - Leicester

With the spiralling growth of smart phones and the mobile market, it's essential that your business is at the forefront of the mobile revolution.

Mobile and tablet traffic now accounts for almost 60% of all online traffic so having a mobile or responsive website is more critical now than it has ever been.

These figures are expected to double over the coming months rendering them too important to ignore. Here at Wida, we are able to offer a range of options for mobile.


We have developed an editorial website offering that runs in harmony with your desktop, CMS driven website. This mobile site can share the same content as the main website meaning that you only have to update the content once in one place. That content is then expedited to the mobile site. The mobile site itself is able to have unique content as and where required.

Further to the above, on more design orientated websites, we are able to offer 'responsive' design. This groundbreaking technology and development enables the website to re-render itself dependant on the size of the device on which is viewed on. This gives the maximum amount of flexibility and reach.


Applications are fast becoming the de facto web based requirement for many companies. Applications come in many shapes and sizes and depend completely on the unique requirements of the client. Typically, we develop catalogue applications as well as hybrid applications that provide an application interface to web based features and functionality.