If you have any support issues regarding your website or email, you can contact us on:

or telephone us on:

0115 9214 797

If an issue occurs outside of normal Office hours where your Wida website is down or your basket is completely offline. Then please use the Out-of-Hours Emergency telephone number below
0843 289 6356

All other enquiries must be directed at our regular support telephone number 01159 214 797 or sent to us via the Support email.

Web Infrastructure:

Most other website companies sell themselves on the look and feel of the websites they produce, very often overlooking the important things such as; replication servers to ensure maximum uptime and disaster recovery plans in the event of a server crash.

Wida Group External Hosting Servers:

  • Our external hosting servers are held in one of the most advanced data centres in Europe. The data centre has backup generators and routers and battery backup systems for the servers, to ensure maximum uptime. The data centre also has 24/7 security monitoring with airlocks to secure areas and over 150 security cameras.
  • The databases on our external servers (which hold all of your websites data) are backed up every night to a separate FTP server.

Wida Group Internal IT:

  • Our internal servers are backed up every night to a central server.
  • Each of our servers has a replication partner; our fileserver replicates our development server and our development server replicates our fileserver, ensuring Wida Group has maximum uptime.
  • Wida Group also has a 2nd site, with two replication servers and a live-link to the main office. The live-link allows the two replication servers at the 2nd site to replicate the data at the main office ensuring Wida Group has maximum business continuity.

Out of Hours Support:

We offer a comprehensive out of hours support service for your website. If there are any problems then we are available during office hours as normal but we also offer a 24 hour a day, 7 days a week emergency line (0843 289 6356). This ensures that you have the cover for your website and your business that you need.